Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The San Diego Zoo . . .

Fern Detail
. . . is amazing . . . everything anyone has ever said about it is true.  We spent the whole day there and could probably spend three in order to properly take it all in.  In addition to all the animals, the foliage is amazing and different climate zones are replicated.

After taking the overall tour on a double decker trolley, we then went exploring on our own.  It is acres and acres and acres and miles and miles and miles of walking.  Good thing I have my good running shoes. 

One of the photos that I really wanted to take was of pink flamingos, seeing as how we were going to Florida and all.  Soooo, the ones we saw in Florida were quite pathetic, especially at Flamingo Gardens . . if you are in the vicinity of this particular establishment, just keep driving . . it is not worth the price of admission.  However, I digress . . the flamingos at the zoo were amazing, and plentiful . . . . in fact so much so that it was hard to isolate just one to get a cameo photo.

 If I could turn myself into a pretzel like this bird does, i would be quite proud of myself.

From a photography perspective, I find it hard to capture the photos I would like to and not show evidence of captivity.  I hate the cages and things showing in the photos and would prefer to have the photos reflect a more natural setting.  Guess I should go on a safari for that scenario . . . . .  big sigh.

Thus the detail of the elephant is from quite a narrow perspective and only what I could get without the fencing showing.  Think he needs some anti-aging cream for all the wrinkles!!

There are so many more photos I could show, and will do so as I have time to process them.  I thought this one of the panda was neat . . what yellow teeth he has . . needs some whitening/brightening toothpaste methinks.

Another great day . . . . at the zoo.

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  1. Nifty zoo shots! Becoming a "pretzel" has it's advantages/disadvantages. ( Like not being able to get up again) .So best you just remain in a comfortable, life long position. haha. YOu are petite enough anyway without being permanently bent at a 90 degree angle. Love the flamigo by the way. Those pandas look so cuddly- never think they'd rip you to shreds.