Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wrigley Mansion . . .

View from the side garden
. . .in my humble opinion, somewhat underwhelming.  It is high on the mountain above the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, which we also visited again today.  The view of the city and surrounding landscape is very advantageous, and you can get that without paying the $15 each for the house tour . . . . and no Senior's Discount either.  Just thought I would mention that.  This is one house where you can take photos inside . . . I didn't take any.  Anyway, the view was lovely and it was just another gorgeous day.  Have I mentioned that I am loving the warmth.

Front doorway
The front doorway was quite interesting with inlaid tile . . . all the tile came from Catalina Island, which Mr. Wrigley owned a huge portion of.  All of the tile in the home is original and was shipped to Los Angeles and then brought to Phoenix which was 10 miles away at the time and then hauled up the mountain by mule.  He really liked his tile and every fireplace in the home is different and so is every bathroom.  He actually only lived in the home for a few months before he passed away at 70 years of age from a heart attack. 

Spent a bit of time wandering the grounds before we went on the tour.  It has many rock stairways and things, and me being me and having a propensity for falling down stairs, was negotiating them quite gingerly.

Just waved at me to take his photo

I always love photographing nature and trying to catch the sunlight ... this one was perfect.

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