Friday, November 4, 2011

Heading Westward . . .

. . . the journey westward has begun.  Today was rather gloomy, foggy, misty and rainy in Asheville.  

We drove through the Smoky Mountains today . . the foliage, although past its prime, was still very colourful.  Stopped at one of the pullouts and the Master Painter presented me with this vista.  Everything was shrouded in cloud/fog/mist except for the brilliant green grass waaay down.  It was sparkling like a jewel and just the perfect timing  . . . a few minutes later the ray of sun was gone.

The sun peeking through

The Old Mill
We went through Gatlinburg, Tennessee which we were surprised to find very commercialized.  The streets were teeming with people and it reminded me of Banff, Alberta.  

Onward to Pigeon Forge . . the name is so quaint that we drove through it, not around it.  Spotted this Old Mill . . .. gorgeous.  The water wheel was not in working order, and the mill has been converted to a restaurant which is doing a roaring business.  By this time it was getting late so we forged on ahead to Nashville.  Sooo, here we are in Nashville, Tennessee . . having to pinch myself once again . . never, ever thought we would be here.  Thinking we will pay a visit to the Grand 'Ol Opry . . . after all it is here and so are we, and legendary at that.

Still feeling crappy!

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