Saturday, November 26, 2011

California . . ..

We have now officially almost crossed the country.  We go to San Diego tomorrow which is only 2 hours away, and then we will have gone from coast to coast.  What an amazing journey . . as I look back at the photos, I am so glad that I have taken about 14,000 photos as each photo triggers memories, and of course I am not done yet.

The weather here is glorious . . 78 degrees and blue sky . . in photo speak a perfect f/16.0 day.   We arrived in Palm Springs yesterday and the freeways were not that crowded . . . that's 'cause it was Black Friday and everybody was at the mall shopping!!!!  Drove through a dust storm . . .. glad me and my camera were inside the vehicle!!!  Camera bodies and lenses don't like sand and fine dust.

Brenda and Don

Staying with Brenda and Don at their Palm Springs resort until we go to San Diego.  Today we went for a walk after breakfast and I saw real lemons growing on a real tree!!
Real lemons
What a glorious blast of colour against the deep blue of the sky.  We went for lunch to a Shield's Date Garden . . . OMG . . the food was fantabulous . . . 

Lynn and I split two appetizers . . . . crab cakes and blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon . .. absolutely to die for . . will be trying to recreate that when I get home.  In view of the fact that it was beautiful day we elected to eat out in the gardens where they had neat decorations for sale.  Brenda especially liked this one.

This one has Brenda's name on it

Date Palm
Having never seen a date palm before, I thought I would take a picture of one.  That green cluster of fruit in sorta the middle of the photo . . . those are dates.

Sooo tomorrow we head further west . .. going to see the Zoo, Sea World and USS Missouri . .. . my camera may need a new shutter sooner than later.

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  1. OMG... 14,000 PICS???? Shutter city here you come ! haha.. So much you have seen and so much more STILL to see. I bet you've seen more of the US than many who live here (myself included) Probably the same thing to be said for Canada... so much still to view.
    Real lemons on a real tree?? As opposed to lemons in a bin or on a fake tree?? ROTFL. That just tickled my funny bone.
    Can hardly wait to see pics at the Zoo!