Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nostalgia . . .

Travelling down Route 66 is a form of stepping back in time for our generation.  It was really interesting that parts of it still exist and there is a lot of memorabilia surrounding this time period.  This highway eventually ran from Chicago to Santa Monica, connecting Americans to the West. 

Taken from a website . . ..  Route 66 has held a special place in the American consciousness from its beginning. The road is uniquely American. There are a thousand stories of hope, heartbreak, love, hate, starting over, and new dreams found along the next bend of the highway we call the Mother Road. The story of Route 66 is our story; it embodies what makes us a great nation. No other culture has had the same type of love affair with the automobile, and few have had the wide-open spaces offered by the American West. 

For more detailed information on this topic here is the link:

Photos taken at Clines Crossing in New Mexico.

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