Friday, December 2, 2011

SeaWorld . . . .

. . . I am glad we went, however would give it a miss the next time.  The best part of it was the Shamu (whale) show and that was just awesome.  The rest of it is really quite devoted to a more juvenile audience (not that I can't be juvenile at times!!!)

We were actually quite lucky to catch two performances . . one was about the history of the aquarium and the other was pure acrobatics which were actually very impressive.  The relationship between the trainers and the whales is very personal.  This is most likely the closest we will ever be to whales, so I am really glad we did this and learned about their history as well.

We also went on the the tower that spirals around and up so that you get an amazing view of both the park and the bay . . . . it was just as smooth as silk and only took 6 minutes to go all the way up and down.  Also took the sky tram across the park and got a good bird`s eye view of the whole bay.

Of course we saw many sea animals, but I hate taking photos through glass due to the distortion and reflection . . . but we did manage to catch some of the animals just frolicking about.

You can both smell and hear the seals long before you ever see them.  And then of course there are birds everywhere and I have to say that I am not at all fussy about them brushing my face or landing on me.  I did overhear one lady saying that a `damn bird just peed on me` . . ..  glad that didn`t happen to me.

Snowy Egret
I don`t know a whole lot about Snowy Egrets other than that they are very beautiful when in flight and with their full wing span spread out . . however one of the trainers said that they were birds of opportunity and that they didn`t do a whole lot for themselves, but just hung out where they could forage for food with no work.

The park was starting to get decked out for Christmas . . . I believe the unveiling for the Christmas programs was this weekend.  It still seems so odd to see all this glitz and hear Christmas Carols and everything is green and the flowers are blooming.

At first I thought this fellow might be a carving . .. he appeared to not be even breathing.

Turtle taking a nap

Sooo . . . one more item crossed off the bucket list.

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