Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Fun . . .

. . . . . and I felt like a kid again.  That is the second time on this journey that this has happened.  The first time was at Disney . . everyone says that would happen . . ..and I pooh poohed it . . however it is true.  Your heart just sings.
Up, up and away

Today we went to the Arizona Balloon Classic . . when you see all those colours and the balloons being inflated and soaring away . . it doesn't matter how old you are . . it just makes you glad to be alive.  I have now for sure added a hot air balloon ride to my bucket list.  I mean if I can parasail, surely this should be no big deal. 

There were thousands of people there and it really was a family event.  The children were just so excited to see the balloons and it was generally a carnival atmosphere.

One of the pit crew let me right to the edge of the balloon so that I could take a photo of the inside . . . . . . love the geometric lines.

 Then to top it all off, and it was a gorgeous day, the Master Painter presented us with this vista.  

Glorious, just glorious.

Life is good.

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