Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Power of Mother Nature . . .

There is nothing like the force of nature . . . yesterday we felt it first hand.  Now this particular item did NOT happen to be on my bucket list, however such is life.  

Oklahoma had a fairly significant earthquake the previous day . . .  and last night our third floor hotel room felt like it had been hit by a plane,  a closed door swung open and the TV wobbled . . . needless to say it was all rather scary and not ever having been in this situation before, a little frightening.  Nothing serious happened, however we were also on tornado watch . . . and there was one wicked storm of blowing wind, thunder, lightning and sheets of rain. 

Just served to remind me that there is nothing like the force of nature, and to give me first hand experience how terrifying it must be for people when they are in an earthquake of huge magnitude.  I always call that the empathy factor.  I can only imagine how it must have been for the Japanese.

We are now in Amarillo, Texas and I am still sick.  Our accommodations have been very comfortable and the beds divine.  Thanks goodness I am at least sleeping well . . just need more of it.

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