Thursday, November 17, 2011

NASA . . .

Unfortunately I started this online diary about 6 weeks into our journey, so have a lot of catching up to do . . .

As you walk in
Going to take you back to Day One of this journey after we had arrived in Orlando on the Friday.  Our first port of call was to visit NASA on the Saturday.  It was an amazing facility and just wish we could have been there for a shuttle launching.  That would have been over the top.  Our kids aren't going to believe this but we actually went for a mock launching and experienced a force of 3G . . .. I am here to tell you that it sorta flattens one's face!!!!

Of course Lynn needed to be an astronaut for a day.  I would be terribly remiss if I didn't include a photo of the Canada Arm.  It is actually very impressive and is the first thing you see as you enter into the building. It gave us a much better sense of scale to see it in real life

Canada Arm

We then viewed some of the retired space missiles.  One absolutely cannot comprehend the size of these . . . 

Beyond Belief
We helped close the place down as it was all so very interesting.  Traveled down the coast to Oceanside/Jensen Beach and witnessed our first Florida sunset.  I had my camera set up in our room before the rest of the luggage was even in there as the sun was beginning to set . . . one has to have one's priorities straight you know!!!


 Life is good . . . and it was breathtaking.

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