Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pyjama Day . . .

Finally decided to take a day and stay in bed to get ahead of this chest/bronchitis thing.  Haven't left the room all day.  Took several naps, etc. 

Yesterday was an interesting trip from Oklahoma to Texas.  The terrain was somewhat different than I expected.  At first I thought Mrs. Garmin had laryngitis, but she eventually kicked in.  Dang, she can just be annoying sometimes.  Just about as cold here as it is in Edmonton . . what's up with that ..  we are supposed to be in the SOUTH.  I had actually purchased a down filled jacket with a hood in North Carolina as it was dreadfully cold there, and today one of the things I did was look up to see where I can buy Under Armour clothing as this just isn't looking promising.

For Lucille
Thought I would share some more photos from North Carolina.  Just loved that State . . . so diverse and so pretty.  

This photo was taken the same day I climbed Mount Everest with Lynn.  Thought of my sister . . she just loves grasses with the sand and rugged nature.  These sand dunes are just a wee bit south of Kitty Hawk on the Grand Banks.  It was windy and cold and sand got into my lenses and sensor.  Had to get that cleaned up yesterday.  Like I said, I have a whole new respect for Moses now.

I don`t normally shoot wildlife, but if some critter wants to park in front of my camera and pose for me, then I will certainly give it a shot.  I stealthily followed this one around for a bit . . Lynn asked me why I was taking so many pictures . .. simple answer . .. to get a good one.  Love the backlight and I have never seen the tail fan out like this, but then it was windy.

I just love small town America . . driving where Mrs. Garmin thinks we shouldn`t be and poking around the off roads and things.  Came upon this quaint little post office which was just across the water from Roanoke Marshes.  We have freeways at home, so for me there is nothing better than getting off them and seeing the countryside.

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