Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway . . .

Now I know why it is called blue
. . . another item from my bucket list . . to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway during the autumn.  We are probably a week late, but nevertheless, it was pretty spectacular and everything I expected it to be.  Saw a fair amount of wildlife the higher we got into the mountains.  The road reminded me of the Road to Hana in Hawaii, minus the bridges.  Speed limit 45 miles per hour . . I personally thought that a good deal of the time that was a little on the fast side!!!   Soooo, the 82 miles from Boone to Asheville took several hours . . of course there were many photo ops along the way.

I see you . .
This little fellow was certainly eyeing me up and I had to sneak up to get this photo.  First time I have seen one on this journey that wasn't actually road kill!!

So now the Daniel Boone saga has more meaning . . this area is part of what he explored.

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