Sunday, November 27, 2011

San Diego . . .

Iguanas at Shadow Ridge
. . . well actually Ramona . . that is where we are staying . .. which is about 50 miles east of San Diego.  We traveled from Palm Springs, after checking on our spot at Shadow Ridge . . . .the iguanas are doing just fine.

We were driving along Indian Canyon Road yesterday and I spied this scene which to me looked light something you would see in Europe . . . screeech . . stop and take this photo . . . . oops in the wrong lane of traffic so came back this morning to catch it in the morning light.  I thought it was breathtaking.

Wonder what is behind this wall??

Took Scenic Highway 74 . . . Brenda still has white knuckles . . . see that little black ribbon . . .. well we travelled that to the peak which was about 11 miles sorta straight up . . . steep enough that there is a sign telling you to turn off your air conditioning so that your vehicle doesn't overheat.  Trust me, I have never seen that sign in the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

The valley below

The oasis of green at the bottom of the valley is Palm Springs/Palm Desert and a whole lot of other communities that just sorta run into each other.  Just beautiful . . . . . .  could spend a lot more time there.

Did I mention that it was 78 degrees today . . . yesssssssss.  Tomorrow off to walk the ocean wall at La Jolla and then go and see the USS Midway.

Life is good.

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