Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sedona . . . .

. . . . a repeat visit . . . and this time the weather was spectacular and the sky was gorgeous.  It was a full day leaving mid-morning and arriving back in Phoenix well after dark.

I have absolutely no intentions of taking up rock climbing or anything so foolish as that, however I did climb two sets of rocks today . . .all in the name of being at a better vantage point for a photo opportunity.

That ribbon of asphalt that you see waaaaay down . . one has to be waaaay up to get that photo.  The parking lot is actually in the lower right hand corner, and yes indeed I did climb up high enough to get this photo.  Quite proud of myself actually.  The view from this height is actually spectacular and not cluttered up by buildings and vehicles.  

It was interesting to see the foliage in a completely natural environment, and not in a manicured setting.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

This incredible church is nestled amongst the natural rock and uses the crevices to its advantage.  What a spectacular view you have of the valley when you are at the platform of the church.

View of the valley from the church platform
 I think this is one of the best photos I took all day . . I just love it.

This vista was across the road from the church.  To me these tall green trees, which are unusual in this environment, look like they are soldiers standing on guard.

We stopped for an ice cream, and all the shops have Christmas out already.  There is something inherently wrong with Christmas decorations and no snow.  Not that that makes me in any rush to go home to the snow and the cold.

This was the photo I especially wanted to retake . . the  one I took last time just had a boring sky and I was hoping to get a better one this time . . . .  and indeed I did.

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  1. A friend of mine travels to Sedona frequently for business and raves about the beauty. I'm impressed with your "sherpa" abilities !!!! ROTFL.. How did your hamstrings feel the next day ?