Tuesday, November 29, 2011

La Jolla . . . . .

Surf's Up
. . . . and the seaside are magical for me.  We went to this spot 5 years ago and just had to return.  Walking along the seawall is therapeutic.  I have absolutely no idea why I live in land locked Alberta when the first place I visit anywhere I go is the wharf area.  The sea especially, holds a special magnetic draw for me. 

Perfect photo . . white tipped waves, interesting rocks, tide pools, beautiful sky and a bird flying in the sky.

Now my photography friends will immediately recognize that to get this photo one actually has to be on the wet and slippery rocks and down at sea level.  You should all be very proud of me . .. jus' sayin'.

We could hear the seals long before we saw them.  Suffering cats they are noisy and they don't exactly smell like a French perfume shop either.  They were all over the bay and barking/squawking/talking to each other from every part of it.

Happened to catch a bit of wildlife . . . not that I ever go searching them out . . .but if they want to pose for me, then I will give it a shot, pun intended.  Not being a bird person . . my mother would be sooo disappointed in that one . . . I was having a heck of a time figuring out why they only had one leg . . . seemed a bit odd to me.  However, today, when sitting and watching the flamingos, I saw what actually happened to the one leg . . they tuck it under a wing . . . and here I thought this poor bird had had his leg nipped off by some nasty creature and was still surviving in the wild.

Just goes to show what you can learn from a road trip.

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... what a lovely way to wake up this morning ! (yes, I read these first thing when I wake up). I can smell the sea air..VERY proud of you wandering the rocks. (glad you bought sneaks too.) Comfy, dry feets are wonderful things. haha. We have a winter haul out for harbour seals here,,,and other than needed a 600 mm lens to really "see" them, they remind me of large brown sausages lolling on the rocks.