Saturday, December 3, 2011

Homeward Bound . . .

. . . . sad to say we are making our way north.  I have never been this reluctant to return home.  Love the vagabond lifestyle, seeing the world, the warmth and no snow.  

Left San Diego fairly early and deposited our vehicle in Las Vegas . . . drove through the Mojave Desert . . . now that is just one desolate place.  The turnoff to Death Valley is along that route . . . . . no desire to go there at any time of the year actually.

This was pretty much our scenery most of the way.  The area north of Mesquite that cuts across the corner of Arizona before you get to Utah is actually quite breathtaking . . it was getting dark by them so the light was completely wrong.  Guess we will just have to drive down them again . . .need to visit Bryce Canyon again anyway.

Soo, tonight we are in St. George, Utah and having have a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers together, we are all ready to hit the hay.  

Hoping to get past Salt Lake City tomorrow.

I feel like Forest Gump . .. I am not ready to quit walking yet.

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