Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jasmine and Tony . . .

 . . . . . today I hand delivered a wedding album that I created for a friend.  I did not take most of the photos in the book, although did take the foodie ones and their engagement photos.  However, the creation of the album was completely my design and I did all the polishing of the photos for presentation in a professional manner.

We felt very privileged to attend this very traditional Chinese wedding and it was the first Asian wedding that we have been to.  Loved the traditions surrounding a marriage in their culture . . . and the Tea Ceremony is an especially delightful part of their wedding culture.  Western culture could certainly take a page from the book of the Eastern culture when it comes to the respect that is given the elders.  They do not take their grandparents and elders for granted, but genuinely give them respect for their wisdom and for paving a path for the next generation.

Take a peek . . . Jasmine loved it.  I always think that the recipient of such a piece should see it before the rest of the world . .. now that she has it in her hands. . .  I will share this artistic creation with you.


  1. Carolyn,
    This wedding album is an absolute treasure. Thank you for allowing us the enjoy your creative work.

    John Sepples

  2. John, thanks so much . . you made my day!!!!