Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shaking Head . . .

Never thought we would make it to the Grand Outer Banks, but here we are, although the weather could have been nicer for us.  Thought I should at least go up the sand dunes and take some photos to record the fact that we were actually there.  Took some photos of the ocean through the tall grasses for my sister who loves those kind of vistas.  Then, as for all photographers, after you have taken your first few shots, look behind you and see what there is to see.  

They are gonna get sick . . mark my words
I couldn't believe it . . here are two insane people running around on the beach in bitterly cold and windy weather . . I mean it was snowing just a bit up the coast.  Sure they had wet suits on . .. but if you look closely, bare feet, bare hands, bare heads and WET hair.  Really, I couldn't believe it.  They must be of Viking stock or something as guess what . . they were the ONLY two on the beach and in the water.

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