Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moments in Time

Most people remember precisely what they were doing and where they were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy as well . . .the day Lady Diana was killed and 9/11 which changed the world forever.  Annnd, yes I am a Canadian and the recall of some of these events date me!!

There is another moment that is significant in my life and that is when I decided to purchase a SLR camera and replicate a family album for my family, both of which required skills I did not possess.  I needed to learn the clean method of scrapbooking as digital seemed the only way to go and although required software, did not require a separate room full of paper, cutters, scissors, etc or produce a big mess that needed to be cleaned up.

Sherry in Colonial Williamsburg

Enter the world of digital scrapbooking which changed my life forever.   Yes in a technical sense, but more profoundly in the sense of who I met online that shared the same passion to the same degree.

Intimate and lifelong friendships have been formed and I have been lucky to meet all of these women in real life.  They are all as real as friends you made in grade school . . enter Carolyn D. from  Rhode Island, Sherry from Va., Heather from Regina, Sk.  I am so blessed.  Not only did every single one of them share their wealth of knowledge with this newcomer to the craft, and prop me up when it seemed this Photoshop thing was just waaaaay too difficult, but we shared our lives online before we ever met.  Thus when we did meet, we "knew" each other and these women have changed my life forever.

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