Friday, October 28, 2011

Out of my comfort zone . ..

. . . parasailing that is . .. until I did it.  It was magical . . ...  a beautiful sunny day with no breeze, Tammy treated us to this adventure.    Just to make sure that everyone knew it was the real deal she came along and photographed the whole thing.

Cool sunglasses and reflections

The boat driver was so skilled he could land you on a dime.  He just dipped our toes in the ocean which was so warm it was like bath water.  Truly amazing.

Yep, that's our boat down there . . I have no idea how high up we were . .  at any rate it was heavenly.  The shadow of the parachute at the bottom of the photo is us and the rope is all that is keeping us tethered to the boat.  Waaaaay up . . . felt like we were birds in the sky

Coming in to land . . 

Coming in to land on the back of the boat was as smooth as they come.  

And yes I did take my camera (little one) up with me . . this was too big an occasion not to record, and my camera does go with me everywhere.  

Soooo, Elsie and Val . ... this is just to show that we did do it!!!  Annnnnd, I would highly recommend it.

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