Saturday, October 29, 2011

Geography . . . and Kitty Hawk

Memorial to the Wright Brothers
A road trip certainly puts your geographic skills to the test.   Today we visited Kitty Hawk.  

Now I know all about the Wright Brothers and Kitty Hawk and all that stuff, but somehow, I must have thought Kitty Hawk was in Ohio.  Imagine my surprise when planning today's segment of the journey, that we would be going right through Kitty Hawk . .  what . . well guess what . . the boys did their test flights from the Grand Outer Banks just off the coast of North Carolina because of the prevailing winds from the Atlantic to get loft for the wings and the sand dunes provided a softer landing for the test flights.  Soooo, today we saw, yet again, with our own eyes where history took place.

Amazing what you can learn when you are on a road trip.

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