Thursday, January 12, 2012

Florida Coast . . .

. . . . I now know why so many people flock here.  You are never further than 90-100 miles from water at any given place in Florida.  It is lush and green with gorgeous skies and fantastic beaches.  It is truly like Paradise . . .somewhat like Hawaii . . . and the vegetation looks like it is on steroids.  The coastal towns that we visited all provided great access to beaches . . .yes some were private . . . but there was always lots of access  . . . .after all the planet is God's work and was meant to be enjoyed by all.  On our way to Palm Beach we passed through Boca Raton . . . a place that I have read about and wanted to see.

 I love architecure and old buildings.  This gorgeous building was right across from the park where there was a fair amount of parking and access to the public beach . . . right in the middle of town.  Palm trees, stately buildings and a beautiful sky make for a photographer's paradise.  The beach was not crowded at all . . . in fact it was downright empty, but then it had been stormy just before we arrived.

I love the sky in this photo and the sun just starting to peek out.  The massive scale of it all is reflected by the size of the people at the beach and the tiny red umbrella.  Like I said, it was pretty devoid of humans.

We met the most delightful man, Eduardo, orginally from Columbia and arriving in Boca Raton from Tennessee. He was most charming and told us the local things we should see, and even drove ahead of us to make sure we took the right turn into the nature preserve.

Let me just say that those Latin men certainly know how to make you feel  beautiful.  Annnnd, that is all I have to say about that!!!  

Off to the nature preserve we went and it was well worth the time.  It was like a step back in time and soooo quiet.

After climbing up to a lookout and looking over the treetops (my photog friends should be impressed with all the climbing I have been doing), we got a bird's eye view of the landscape.  Absolutely beautiful.  Photos don't do it justice.

We saw all matters of vegetation and even saw the release of butterflies, unfortunately I couldn't get photos because of the wire caging.  However I did happen upon this creepy crawler on my climb up to the top of the lookout.  Now I happen to hate these creatures and this one was larger than the average bear, however, the joy of actually being able to capture him in focus completely outweighs my utter distaste for anything with eight legs.

One might think that I took this photo because of its gorgeous  curved lines and striking architecture.  Now this is partly true . . . . however it is the police station in Boca Raton and Lynnwood needed to pay a visit.  It appears that he paid for the wrong parking space at the public parking lot and the constabulary took exception to this.  He then had to visit the station to obtain forgiveness of the ticket.  In view of the fact that we were in a rental car and not going to be staying in the area . . . . time was of the essence. 

Oh the tales one can tell after a three month road trip.

Off to Palm Springs . . . we took the Old Dixie Highway just to see something other than freeway.  I always enjoy taking the road less traveled.   Stopped dead in our tracks by a drawbridge . . now I never view this as a waste of time, rather a perfect opportunity from the middle of the river for some great photos.  I hopped out of the car with my camera . .. got some strange looks from other folks . . . and then pretty soon there were a whole lot of others following suit.

The Breakers

Right along the water's edge is the Breakers, one of those grand old hotels from the Gilded Era . . .. ie. the Flagers and Vanderbilts, etc.  I will write more about this place later, as we spent a whole day visiting the grand old buildings that had the touch of Henry Flagler.

More sights from the middle of the river . . . 

What a gloroius day . . . . filled with beauty . . . . . both natural and man made.

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