Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Edmonton, Alberta . . .

. . . I know, this isn't part of the journey, but it is where I live.  For some of my photography friends who have yet to make it to Canada . . . . and you know who you are . . . I thought I would entice you with some photos showcasing my City so that you can get your cameras and lenses ready for a real treat!!!!!

Edmonton is a beautiful City with a population of just under 1 million and with the immediate trading area and bedroom communities included, it is well over a million.  We are reputed to have the most beautiful river valley in all of North America that is in the middle of a  major city.  We enjoy all four seasons . . .. now I use the word enjoy loosely . . . since our Journey to the South I have become a big fan of warmth.  However, that being said, photographs with snow are magical.  We are also the Capital of Alberta, a resource rich province with agriculture, ranching, manufacturing, oil and entrepeneurial development being major parts of our economic base.  Photography gurus Bryan Peterson and Chris Hurtt had never visited this area before June of 2010 . . . they were blown away and only saw a small portion of what we have to offer.  The Rocky Mountains are within driving distance and people from all over the world travel here for their destination trip of a lifetime.

So here goes . . . some photos I have taken of the place I call home.  Seeing as how it is presently winter, we will start off with a winter photo, which by the way wasn't taken this year as we have virtually no snow this year and have above average temperatures (so I am not quite sure what I am complaining about actually).

This photo was taken on Christmas Day from my back door . . . set up the tripod on the deck and snapped away.  It was magical with the fresh snow and the brilliant blue sky.

I actually love softly falling snow with twinkling lights.  The sight of that always makes my soul sing, especially at Christmas with all the extra lights up.

This is a photo of our home after one of those lovely softly falling snow storms that we regularly have, much prefer them to the blizzards we also get.

Home Sweet Home

As we live so far north, we have amazing summers . . . and yes it can get really hot and we need an air-conditioner in the summer!!  As Bryan and Chris found out to their amazement, the days in June are incredibly long and the nights are incredibly short.

Downtown Edmonton taken from a walking bridge over the river and at about 5 a.m.

I have always called the above photo My Monet.  There is something about the dreaminess of it and the colouring that just immediately makes me think of his style.

We also have amazing sunsets . .. and truth be told there is nothing like a prairie sunset . . . Alberta is often referred to as Big Sky Country . . . something like Montana.

Prairie Sunset

 Edmonton is also the seat of government for the Province of Alberta.  Our Legislative Assembly building is drop dead gorgeous with fine European architectural details.  I love the fact that it is centrally located in Edmonton and is used all the time by the people that live here and with tourists visiting.  Try taking wedding photos there on a Saturday . . .. there is a lineup, literally to get a spot.  It is very much a family gathering place and it is really cool that it is actually enjoyed all year 'round.

Legislative Assembly

Love the detail of the dome

We also have an incredibly gorgeous downtown sector.  I never actually realized it until I had a camera, and now say you never know a City until you walk it.  You just don't see the details when you are in a vehicle.

Manulife Place . . . worked for Manulife for 5 years

Glass and reflections everywhere you look
More reflections, old architecture reflected in the new

Unique lighting

Cool sidewalk sculptures
Funky Stained Glass

Cool cars on a beautiful summer day

The Alberta Art Gallery . . . . stunning architecture

In the summer the rural areas are ablaze with colour.

Glorious colour of the canola fields

Gorgeous peonies . . . from my very own garden
North Saskatchewan River

In the park

Autumn Splendour

And that, my friends, is just a wee sprinkling of what a treat it would be to visit Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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