Sunday, February 19, 2012

Naples, Florida

This was one of the few days that was just rainy and miserable.  Not to be stopped from my never ending quest to see the country and hone the craft of photography, we went out for a bit anyway.  Glory be, there was a Costco . . now that is one of my favourite places to visit . . . . found some of the neatest items there that we don't have here . . . like a lime green (love lime green) picnic satchel with insulated pockets for wine or pop or whatever.  Obviously needed to buy an umbrella as of course there was no room to pack one and some waterproof shoes . .. it was REALLY wet. 

Went to the wharf as I love the water and the multi colours of the boats.  Took some neat photos of the canoes all upside down . .. the colours were especially brilliant in contrast to the overcast skies and constant drizzle.  We found a little shopping area with the most vibrant coloured shops . . had the wrong lens on but went with it anyway.  Stopped in a little bistro for a late lunch and had the most delicious sandwich.  Mmmm good . . . 

We stayed in the Residence Inn by Marriott which was fairly new and just a breath of fresh air . .. the colours were vibrant and the decor very contemporary.  Loved the extra homey touches they added to the foyer.


  1. Fantastic colours and perspective. I never, ever thought rain would stop you from pursuing your passion. What a glorious trip. next time take me...please.

  2. What a wonderful day you must have had! I am visiting from your comment on Sue Bryce's blog. Isn't she just the best thing around? I heart her and LOVED her on Creative Live. So nice to meet you : ) I can tell you are a lovely person because you took a rainy day on vacation and turned it into something fabulous!